Hechter Ubarry


Below are selected clips from some of my cabaret, TV and film appearances. To download the clips most successfully your computer should have Broadband access to the Internet. The speed of the download will depend upon the capabilities of your computer and the format chosen for viewing. If your computer does not have the proper software to view the videos, you can download QuickTime and/or RealPlayer free of charge from the following websites which can be reached by clicking on either of the links directly below.

QuickTime Website            RealPlayer Website

Once the software is in place, click on the appropriate button opposite your selection. (Please be aware that Windows Media is for PCs only. MAC users should use QuickTime.) Often a simple click will automatically activate a selected clip. However, certain viewing software requires that the "Play" button be clicked as well. If your video viewing window replaces the original web page, look to see if there is a "←Back" button on the upper left of your screen to return you to the original web page.  Happy Viewing!

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CLIPS: (with Viewing Time - Min:Sec)

QuickTime Windows Media
"Witchcraft" "Witchcraft" by Cy Coleman/Carolyn Leigh (3:26)
"A Song for You" "A Song for You" by Leon Russell (2:08)
"The Morning Show" TV interview w/Kathy Lee Gifford (0:10)
"Crocodile Dundee" "Crocodile Dundee II" (0:44)
"Struggle to Survive" "Struggle to Survive" (0:39)
"McBain" "McBain" (0:25)
"Overexposed" "Overexposed" (0:26)
"The Ardent Heart" "The Ardent Heart" (0:35)

While waiting for the videos to download, here are some reviews for your reading pleasure.....

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